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Anderson, SC 29621
Nena lost 30 lbs, 20 inches, 10% bodyfat and gained a new identity.

"Who needs cardio? Aline Laing is all you need. Look at me - I'm at a weight that I was in 1966, at the age of 23; and I look even better!"
--Nena Barnhill
Vickie lost 20 lbs, 15 inches, 8% bodyfat and gained muscle & strength.

"I would recommend to anyone who wants a healthier life to get in shape with Aline Laing...You must build muscle in order to lose fat"
-- Vickie Sharpe
Sara lost 15 lbs, 12 inches, 5 1/2 % bodyfat, and gained muscle & strength.

"I feel great, I look great, and my husband thinks so too!"
-- Sara Opperlee©
I like Aline's method of training. She has a very kind and caring manner. She was very aware of my age (71) and I feel the program was well suited to my needs, but it was definitely challenging. Overall, Aline is an outstanding trainer. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I have really enjoyed my training. It has been hard work, but Aline made it fun. -- Savannah
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After Aline's Training
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Out of all my trainers, I've had 3, Aline is by far the most professional, courteous, and gives 110% so that her clients can too! -- Corey Jones
Working with Aline has helped me gain a lot of confidence. I have not worked out in the last 12 years; and with her motivating and positive attitude I am sure that I will definitely achieve my goals. -- Ashwini Bapat
Aline challenges her clients to give their personal best in order to reach their individual goals. The training was empowering because for the first time; I actually believed my fitness goals were a possibility and she helps them become a reality. Aline believes in her clients and does not give up even when they want to. -- Tara Wilson
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My goals were to learn how to workout and to learn how to eat better. Aline definitely taught me how to use gym equipment and a variety of exercises to mix and match for different full body workouts. My diet has also improved drastically. When I first started, I ate fast food almost exclusively. I was greatly influenced by Aline's good example. -- Emily Betke
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The training made me very conscious of form. I realized that I could do what was hard for me before training and to not give up. Aline is extremely encouraging by telling me I could do it. Previously, I would have probably given up. – Beth Smith